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Why I Am Not A Muslim

Often in my travels there are “local attraction” magazines waiting for me in the hotel room. Most of the time I trash them, but for some reason I leafed through one today. What caught my eye was an interview the magazine did with a local Imam. The following snippet made me ache for this man’s soul:

San Diego Reader: Where do you go when you die?

Imam Taha: I am working very hard in my life to be blessed enough to be granted paradise.

SDR: And what happens if you’re not blessed enough?

IT: I’m not thinking about any other place but paradise. I cannot even think about it. It’s so painful and so hard, even when I think about hell.

I cannot imagine a more destructive concept of eternal life than this viewpoint, one so prevalent I wonder if human beings (certainly Westerners) have a hard-wired susceptibility to the notion. It’s just so terribly logical. Grace makes much less sense, but I’ll happily play the fool.

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