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I’ve Been Slacking

At least with respect to posting here. Shame on me. I guess life just isn’t terribly interesting when it’s lived away from home. I’ve been reading a lot, which has been nice, but I haven’t been writing down meaningful quotes, not because I haven’t read any, but because I’ve been too “into” the stories to stop. This is particularly true of Dune, which I cannot believe I’ve never read before. It’s truly awesome. I was able to jot down the following statement, though, which I found insightful.

The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the terrors of the future.

I’m both frightened and excited by what the future holds for my children, especially with regards to technology. Anyone who doesn’t feel the same just isn’t thinking enough.

Speaking of thinking, if you’re a person who cares about being successful, I would highly recommend the blog Little Things Matter. So much of what I’ve tried to say about leadership, communication, email habits, etc. can be found here (in a much more concise and well-expressed form). This particular tidbit really caught my eye:

I have never met anyone who took pride in their work, but not their car.

True or false? I’m interested in hearing your opinion. As of yet I have been unable to think of any counterexamples.

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  1. Don
    21 Jun 2011 at 9:46 pm

    You’ve not seen my truck yet. It’s a terrible mess with food wrappers in the back seat, mud under the wheel wells, and I won’t mention what’s under the floor mats.
    But I do take pride in the work I do professionally. Cars like other possessions are nothing but things.

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