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Double Feature

I remember just a brief bit of dream from last night’s slumber. I was watching the Indianapolis Colts play football (can’t remember who they were playing, opposing jerseys were white, so it might have been the Patriots). Peyton faced fourth and one, and they were going for it. He dropped back to pass, way further back than normal quarterbacks do, and fired a pass just as he was absolutely clobbered. The pass flew right into the hands of a defender, who intercepted it, but then stood there and did nothing until being tackled.

If I were an NFL star, I'd want to be just like Peyton

The pass was replayed several times during the dream, always from different angles, including a pretty cool one where I was watching through the eyes of the guy who intercepted the ball. Finally they showed a replay of the hit of Peyton, but strangely, when he got back up, he was wearing number 14 instead of his usual 18 (which, even in the dream state, I immediately recognized as being wrong). I couldn’t figure out if maybe it hadn’t actually been Peyton on the field, or if he’d switched numbers, or what.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ll wrap things up with a quotation from The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team that I found myself surprised to agree with.

Consensus is horrible. If everyone really agrees on something and consensus comes about quickly and naturally, well that’s terrific. But that isn’t how it usually works, and so consensus becomes an attempt to please everyone, which usually turns into displeasing everyone equally.

Been there, done that. How about you?

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