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Night At The Movies

Have you ever had mini-dreams, little snippets of thoughts that float through your mind as you drift in and out of consciousness? I had a few of those last night this morning, along with one somewhat longer dream.

The latter consisted of me and an anonymous man (tall, dark-skinned, smooth features) at a movie theater. His face didn’t map to someone I know in real life, but I know that in my dream he was a friend. I don’t remember what we were watching, but as we were walking out after the show, we got stopped by a woman who was trying to force her way back in because she left her Xbox inside. Why a person would take an Xbox to a theater I have no idea. Anyways, I turned and saw it sitting in the very back corner seat, so I picked it up and handed it to her, then proceeded to the lobby.

In the lobby my friend walked on ahead and out the door (apparently I was walking slowly, as one often does in dreams), when a kid came up behind me and asked if I kept my money in my wallet. I said yes, quickly verifying that my wallet was still in my back pocket, as I suspected the kid was a thief. I remember my wallet being safely tucked away, and things ended at that point.

My mini-dreams came in little bursts during “snooze time” (5:55 to around 6:15am). In one I recall nothing more than walking through a set of glass doors. In another I was taking Olivia into a public bathroom. I think I had more but I don’t remember them.

As always I read the above and wonder what it all means, if anything. I’m particularly confused about the Xbox thing, since I don’t own one and haven’t played one in ages. In fact, I’ve never owned a single video game console, which is surprising consider how much I love computer games.

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