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The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team (Part 3)

No cool dreams last night, unfortunately, so back to the quotations.

Every team needs constant work, because without it, even the best ones deviate toward dysfunction.

That’s sort of like a second law of thermodynamics for human relationships, and it’s just as immutably true.

Two years of behavioral reinforcement around politics is a tough thing to break, and one lecture, no matter how compelling, is not going to do it.

I’ve been in situations where someone (i.e. me) thought a single email / phone call / meeting would fix a systemic problem. It just isn’t that easy; real work is involved (see earlier quote).

A decision is better than no decision.

I’d much rather someone have the courage to choose a path that turns out to be wrong than to be stuck in limbo at the fork indefinitely. Few decisions in life are so terribly permanent that a wrong choice dooms you forever, so just do it, I say.

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