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Dream Within A Dream

Today I’m going to talk about my fantasy football team. I’m not sure why I get so worked up about it, given that at an intellectual level I understand it’s mere threads of strategy woven into a heavy tapestry of luck. But still I obsess over lineup decisions (this week’s was a back and forth about which running backs to start, and I chose poorly). And come game day I’m watching my score constantly. It’s all kind of embarrassing, really.

So last night I was down 7 points with only player left to play (49ers tight end Vernon Davis, just in case you cared). When I went to bed (10:15pm because I’m old) he’d closed the gap to two points, and I was so anxious to see how things would turn out that I actually considered setting an alarm for 1am so I could wake up and check the final score.

I wasn’t crazy enough to actually do it in “real life”, but the thought (plus the chicken fingers I ate at 9:30 while watching The Event) kicked off a bizarre sequence of embedded dreams ala Inception where I woke up, checked the score, was happy/sad/confused about it, and then woke up again and repeated.

Your movie confused me too, but at least you've got Ellen

I can remember at least 4 distinct layers (5 if you count reality):

  • Upon first “waking” I fired up my browser to find I had lost by a gob of points, but somehow my opponent had figured out have to have 3 quarterbacks, 6 running backs, and a whole page worth of receivers all in the game at once. I was really confused about that. It makes sense that the deepest dream would be the strangest, doesn’t it?
  • I then woke up to a “tie” game, but since our league commissioner disallowed ties, the game was decided by fewest number of punts. That makes no sense since fantasy teams don’t have punters, but in this world apparently they do. My punter had more punts, which was considered a negative, so I lost. I recall being pretty upset by this result.
  • Thankfully, I woke from that nightmare and checked my score again to see that my buddy Vernon had ripped off a huge 21 point effort and I had won the fantasy game with ease. I was a happy camper.
  • Alas, shortly after that I woke again to find that actually he’d stalled out at five points and thus I’d lost by two. Bummer. But no worries, it was just a dream.
  • Finally I awoke to real life (or did I?) around 6am, grabbed my phone from underneath the bed (where I keep it at night), and checked the score, finding I’d won by two. Woot!

Couple this with a particularly lucid dream from two nights before (where, after realizing I was dreaming, I proceeded to run around shattering glass with my mind), and I’d say my mind’s been pretty active the past couple of days.

Dreams fascinate me, enough so that I think I’m going to use this blog to document particular interesting ones that I have. Supposedly “dream journaling” is the first step to achieving more control over your dreams, and that sounds like fun. And besides, who doesn’t love them some Queensrÿche?

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