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The Almighty Calendar

Being a planner, and being married to a planner, means that sermons like yesterday’s hit pretty close to home. The discussion reminded me of one of my favorite quotations (from President Eisenhower), which I’ve tucked away in my mind to help me resolve the tension:

Planning is essential. Plans are worthless.

There’s real wisdom in that statement. The way I see things it’s not so much about plans themselves but about the attitude with which those plans are made and kept. The calendar should not be an end unto itself, but rather the means to a greater end. And if it can make success more likely, why not embrace it? I sincerely believe that a calendar wielded well makes a person more effective for the kingdom.

Great organizations understand that truth. The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team explains one example of where this is true:

One of the best tools for ensuring commitment is the use of clear deadlines for when decisions will be made, and honoring those dates with discipline and rigidity. The worst enemy of a team that is susceptible to lack of commitment is ambiguity.

Lots more that I’m sure could be said on this topic. I’d be interested in hearing further thoughts if any of my few readers has them.

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