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Broken Is Beautiful

About a year ago I started a blog based on the premise that the broken things of this world aren’t just going to become beautiful in the future once they’re fixed, but in some mysterious way they are beautiful now, even in their brokenness. For whatever reason I wasn’t able to get the blog far off the ground (irony anyone?), but I think about the implications of that idea often.

What brought it most recently to mind was overhearing a comment my four-year old made to my wife while working on her homework (apparently even preschoolers need homework these days). She was coloring a picture of an apple and pretty much making a mess out of it; my wife was innocently trying to encourage her to be more neat. This was her defiant yet profound reply:

I think it’s prettier when I color outside the lines.

You’re absolutely right, sweet Amelia. Broken is beautiful. You don’t have to be “whole” (by anyone’s definition) to be loved. Not by me. Not by your mother. And certainly not by God.

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  1. Drina
    15 Sep 2010 at 9:18 am

    Common theme for me lately. I just finished Flannery O’Connor’s Mystery and Manners where, in the last chapter, she talks about seeing the good in the grotesque. And just now I called to mind something I read years ago, I believe by Pope Benedict before he was pope, expounding on the beauty of Christ on the Cross. Broken is beautiful.

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