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Always And Forever

I’ve made no secret of my affection for The Jesus Storybook Bible. Yesterday I discovered that is has its own website, with a lot of cool stuff. For example, they have a video feed that cycles through all 44 of the stories as read by famed British actor David Suchet. The real treasure, though, was an interview with the author, Sally Lloyd-Jones. Somehow I came away from reading it loving the book even more. I want to quote a few of her comments at length:

The Bible is of course an adult book, so in order to make it accessible to children, by its very nature, as you retell it; you’re going to have to reduce it down. Unfortunately, the danger is that you reduce it down into moral lessons. The entire Bible is hammered down into one long lesson on obedience. Almost like a Bible Aesop’s Fables. Each story becomes a lesson so you can fix your behavior and be a better person. Children are then likely to be left with the impression that they must be good for God to love them. Disastrous and inaccurate. It’s as if Jesus never came.

Children’s lives are so filled, it seems to me, with rules and lessons and instructions and directions and dos and don’ts. (Of course these are all important in their place; all children need guidance and that’s appropriate!) But I don’t always see much Grace being extended to children. We know, as adults, where to find Grace in the Bible. We go the Bible for strength and comfort in times of need, don’t we? But I worry that children aren’t always being offered that refuge, for when they are in need of strength and comfort. I worry that they don’t always know that this incredible, outrageous Grace is for them too.

Children need to know that they are loved by the one who made them. No matter what. Always. Forever. Period. And it isn’t depending on how good or nice they are. It’s always and only depending on Jesus and what he has done for them.

How great if we can help our children understand something of that incredible Agape love God has for us that doesn’t depend on us. The unconditional love He has for us. Shown to us in Jesus. The love that will not let us go. Ever.

Dang it, now I need a tissue.

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  1. 10 Sep 2010 at 9:36 am

    I never really thought about it that way- so true! Thanks for sharing!

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