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Patron Saints

“I don’t deny that there should be priests to remind men that they will one day die. I only say that at certain strange epochs it is necessary to have another kind of priests, called poets, actually to remind men that they are not dead yet.” – G.K Chesterton

Most churches are no longer patrons of the arts, and that’s a real shame. It’s easy to poke fun at the quality of much of modern Christian art, but honestly, can the artists be blamed when no serious effort is made by organized churches to fund them?

That’s just one thought I had relative to the epic discussion of art and money going on at the Rabbit Room. Last week I posted links to the first two articles. Here’s the next three. Read, enjoy, and most importantly, take action!

Money, Part 2: The Extravagant Gamble

Money, Part 2.5: A Response to Some Comments

Money, Part 3: Suggestions To Chew Upon

If the church as an institution has given up on the artist, I suppose it’s now up to individuals, and I for one am willing to take up the call. Anyone with me?

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