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Lilith (Part 2)

You can tell what sort a man is by his creature that comes oftenest to the front.

Similarly, I’ve heard it said that you learn the most about a person by how they react in a moment of crisis, when they do not have time to put up the facade that we all try to maintain.

If I turned from every show of love lest it should be feigned, how was I ever to find the real love which must be somewhere in every world?

Have you ever known people that simply cannot accept unconditional love? For many people, either they doubt its sincerity (and respond with sarcasm) or they deny their worthiness (and respond with attempts to “pay it back”). I feel that folks like this miss out on the joy of love freely given and freely received.

But for the weeping in it, your world would never have become worth saving.

In one simple statement, George MacDonald has resolved the problem of evil, at least for me. Every good story needs conflict, and every “happily ever after” requires a preceding time of pain with which it can be contrasted. Thus our current experience.

Okay, so it’s not a perfect explanation. But it works for me.

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