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Lilith (Part 1)

Okay, that’s more like what I expected from George MacDonald: grotesque creatures, dancing skeletons, shapeshifters, a race of children, an evil princess, and more fill this story of a man wandering through an alternate reality that turns out not to be as “alternate” as he thought.

The business of the universe is to make such a fool of you that you will know yourself for one, and so begin to be wise.

I find the above true of myself more and more when I think I’m smart enough to figure out life on my own. Hopefully I’ll learn the foolishness quickly enough to avoid the following being said of me someday.

Most people take more than a lifetime to learn that they have learned nothing, and done less.

That reminds me of the old adage that one should ensure his ladder is leaned up against the right wall before starting his climb. So very true.

Doubt may be a poor encouragement to do anything, but it is a bad reason for doing nothing.

Now that was a hard-hitting statement. I just read a similar sort of thing in Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team. Lots of interesting stuff to share from that book, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as I’ve got several more of MacDonald’s gems to share in the coming days.

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